New, Scratch & Dent and Certified Pre-owned Appliances in Forest City, Shelby and Hendersonville NC. Delivery available within 30 miles. Open at 10:00am Monday - Saturday

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General terms & Conditions

Attention: There are NO REFUNDS for any item we sell. We repair the appliance only. If the item is new it is under manufacturer's warranty. Scratch and Dent appliances are under warranty as well. 

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty on New Appliances

Units sold "In The Box New" are units that will be registered through the manufacturer. Please make every effort to register these as soon as possible to retain your warranty, this is the customers responsibility. If there is a problem with your unit once you bring it home, the manufacturer MUST BE contacted to resolve the issue. The Appliance Center CAN NOT in any way be involved with any issue that you have with the unit after purchase as it will VOID your warranty.

Scratch and Dent 1 Year Warranty

Appliance Center covers the first 30 days. CPS warranty company covers the remaining 11 months on the 1 year warranty. We will register your unit/units for you and a warranty card will nbe issued and availible to you upon your request for pickup.